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20 Craziest Bikes Ever Made - 9 Laughs
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20 Craziest Bikes Ever Made

December 29, 2011 at 6:02am | by Steven

Many people think crazy thoughts, but some go a step further…  Enjoy our collection of 20 of the most outrageous pedal-powered “bicycles” ever created!  All except one of these was built for bike riding fun.  Can you see why?


crazycoolbike, extra long bicycle


supe extended fork bicycle


stackbike, four bike stack

six person pedal power cycle


wooden bicycle built for two


chopper bicycle


concept bicycle


super wide tire bicycle






Crazy tall bike


Forkless White Bicycle




Micro bicycle


crazy looking bicycle


wheel reinvented, pentagon shaped wheel bicycle


treadmill powered bicycle


bicycle with shoes on wheel spokes




Crying Child on Sad tricycle with square wheel in front

[via: holytaco azfixed guzer]

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